SkillSET (Support, Employment, Training)

  • NIACRO SkillSET offers vocational training for those with a conviction who wish to pursue employment in construction, hospitality or warehousing e.g., Level 1 Site Health and Safety, CSR, Level 2 Risk Assessment, plant training, bespoke hospitality training packages provided by Springboard UK, OCN Level 1 Employability, OCN Level 1 Life Stories
  • Disclosure advice is available for anyone with a conviction who is seeking advice or support around disclosing a conviction e.g., understanding and clarifying spending periods, support with writing a disclosure statement for employers, colleges or universities, AccessNI checks and challenges


These offers are available both in custody and in the community


To find out more about SkillSET, you can e mail us here or call us on 02890320157. 

For Disclosure Advice email our Disclosure Advice Line here.