Supporting the Restorative Practices Forum (NI)


NIACRO provides administrative support to the forum, working with the Chair and members to arrange meetings, circulate information, etc.


About the Restorative Practices Forum (NI)

The aim of the RPF (NI) is to promote restorative justice philosophy and restorative practices across all aspects of life and society.

Restorative Justice works to resolve conflict and repair harm. It encourages those who have caused harm to acknowledge the impact

of what they have done and gives them an opportunity to make reparation. It offers those who have suffered harm the opportunity to have

their harm or loss acknowledged and amends made.




History and all-Ireland approach


The Forum began life as the Restorative Justice Working Group in 1994 formed following a Restorative Justice Conference that year. 

group aimed to establish restorative justice as an integral part of the criminal justice system and not just as an adjunct to it.


In the early 2000’s the group was re-established as the Restorative Practices Forum (NI), reflecting a change in emphasis and

recognising that the day to day work is now carried out by a wide range of organisations, individuals and sectors.


In 2012 the Events Planning Sub-Group held our first all-island conference, and we have continued to host such events, most recently in 2018. 

Until 2020 , the Restorative Practices Forum was supported and chaired by Quaker Services. It is now supported by NIACRO


The forum works in collaboration with Restorative Practices Ireland http://www.restorativepracticesireland.ie