Aspire Mentoring Services

What is Aspire?

Aspire is an intensive rehabilitation and resettlement project to support people in the community following release from prison. It aims to reduce the number of people recalled to prison after release.

The project is a mentoring service for people being released from prison who are medium-high risk assessment (or ACE) score and are subject to Probation supervision.

It offers early contact through and beyond the gate and intensive support in the community to support people resettle after prison and reduce their risk of reoffending.

Aspire is delivered through a partnership between the Probation Board for Northern Ireland (PBNI) and NIACRO, with support from Housing Rights. 

What does Aspire offer?

Aspire is a 12 week mentoring programme.

Aspire Mentors will meet with the person in prison up to four weeks in before release, on their release date and every day on the first week after release. Contact will continue for up to 12 weeks after release to provide support for a range of issues, including:

  • Accommodation
  • Employment / training
  • Money management / benefits
  • Family issues
  • Addictions
  • Other resettlement-related issues.

How can I access this service?

People are referred to Aspire by PBNI if they are:

  • Subject to Probation supervision in the community
  • Medium-high ACE risk assessed
  • Due to be released from prison soon

For more information, please contact us.