Independent Representation (IR) Scheme

What is IR?MOVE

The Independent Representation (IR) Scheme aims to ensure that the views, opinions and concerns of young people in Lakewood Secure Care Centre are heard, receive serious consideration and are responded to in a considered way.

The IR team, which consists of the IR Project Worker and a volunteer Independent Representative, visit each unit within Lakewood on alternate weeks to meet with young people, listen to their concerns, and support young people who wish to raise issues in the Centre.

The IR Scheme complements and enhances the ethos of The Sanctuary Model which is adopted at the Centre. The Scheme is a reflection of the Centre’s confidence and commitment to ensuring that the views, opinions and concerns of young people are heard and taken seriously.

What does IR offer?

Independent Representatives (IRs) are trained volunteers who visit the Centre every week along with the IR project worker.

The IR team makes sure that the views, opinions and concerns of young people in Lakewood are heard, taken seriously and responded to during their stay at the Centre.

The benefits of this Scheme include:

  • volunteers bring added value to complement and support the work of the project worker;
  • the team develop a genuine rapport with the young people by engaging in conversation and activities;
  • volunteers offer a fresh, community based perspective which young people respond to well; and
  • volunteer IRs commit to the Scheme for a minimum of one year, providing consistency and continuous support to young people.

How can I access this service?

This service is open to all young people in Lakewood.

For more information, call 028 9032 0157 or contact us.

Download the IR leaflet.