Policy Priorities 2017-2018

We know that reducing crime is not just the responsibility of the Department of Justice (DoJ) - it requires the participation of a range of departments, statutory bodies, and voluntary and community sector organisations. The Strategic Framework for Reducing Offending (2013) was designed to co-ordinate a range of Executive policies and strategies that can contribute to reducing offending in the long term, emphasising the duty of all departments to support a reduction in offending, in recognition of a clear need for more strategic partnership between sectors and better cross-departmental working.

It is critical that the Executive departments work together to achieve shared objectives and commitments. We call for the Strategic Framework for Reducing Offending to be implemented and monitored by departmental committees to ensure departments recognise their role in reducing offending. Further, it is critical that the role of the third sector, who support justice outcomes is recognised, and that voluntary organisations are valued and supported as key strategic partners.

We ask that all political parties make a commitment to the following six pledges to contribute to a safer and fairer society with less offending and fewer victims:

  1. Remove barriers to effective resettlement
  2. Stop criminalising children
  3. Support families and children affected by imprisonment
  4. Pursue alternatives to prosecution
  5. Attend to mental health and wellbeing across the criminal justice system
  6. Tackle hate crime

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