What is Pathways?

The Pathways Project is funded through the Assets Recovery Community Scheme delivered in partnership with PBNI. At pre-sentence report stage, PBNI will identify families of those who have offended who could benefit from support in alleviating the difficulties many families face when a family member is convicted.

What does Pathways offer?

A NIACRO Pathways Project Worker will make contact with the family and offer support. Offering a family support service at this critical point can help to alleviate the difficulties many families face: assisting in retaining the family unit and alleviating mental health and other difficulties that can be faced by families of those who have offended. Pathways enables NIACRO to support families at the earliest possible point, offering support to families of those serving community sentences. Pathways not only offers support to the family if a family member goes to prison, or receives a community sentence, but can offer support going through the judicial process which can be both difficult and confusing. Earlier intervention can also mean earlier diversion for children and young people to appropriate services such as those offered by Family Hubs.

How can I access Pathways?

Please email Rosy or Geraldine at NIACRO or call us on 028 9032 0157 to discuss how we can provide support.