The MOVE project, funded by the BIG Lottery, is a one-to-one mentoring scheme which provides enhanced opportunities for young people who are at risk of offending or who are experiencing significant difficulties at home, school or in their community.

With the help of volunteer mentors, MOVE aims to support young people to become better integrated within their community and improve their well being and confidence.

We aim to work in partnership with existing services and impact positively upon the whole family unit.

***Please note that the MOVE project is now closed***

You can read the Evaluation of the NIACRO Move Project: Full report by Dr Helga Sneddon here.

What does MOVE offer?

Eligible young people who agree to engage with MOVE are matched with a trained volunteer mentor who will meet with the young person weekly for up to 12 months.

MOVE volunteers support young people by:

  • Providing weekly contact;
  • Developing a supportive relationship and being a positive role model;
  • Introducing the young person to new social and recreational activities; and
  • Encouraging them to access education, employment or training opportunities.

The one-to-one mentoring relationship focuses on achieving positive outcomes for the young person in some or all of the following areas:

  • Personal development - developing greater personal and social skills and increasing confidence and self esteem;
  • Education, Training or Employment - supporting and motivating young people at school, accessing training and developing employability skills;
  • Numeracy and Literacy skills - promoting skills through informal one to one support;
  • Community Participation - contributing to greater integration of young people at risk within their community through involvement in social and recreational activities.

MOVE is the lead project in NIACRO’s Youth Forum, Voice Box, which is open to all young people using our services and provides the opportunity to participate group activities and discussions about key issues that are relevant to young people.

How can I access this service?

MOVE accepts referrals from other NIACRO services for young people aged 11-18. However, the project will also consider referrals from other external agencies – most often when the young person is:

  • Aged between 14 and 16 years old;
  • A resident of the Belfast or Southern Health and Social Care Trust; and
  • At risk of offending or experiencing significant difficulties.